Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lollipop Lunch

Ever since Zel was given a lollipop several months ago, he has been obsessed. He asks for one every single day and it's only gotten worse since Halloween. Well technically he asks for a "p pop," but a lollipop is what he wants. After trick or treating, he was the happiest boy in the world because I let him eat two lollipops at once. I've never seen him more content. I remembered a trick that I used several months ago to get him to eat a healthy lunch using his love of lollipops. I told him that he could have a Lollipop Lunch!

I used mini meatballs, cut up apples, and peas and stuck them on toothpicks. At first he was not too happy about the fact that there was not an actual lollipop, but then he tried a few bites and realized how fun it was to eat with toothpicks.