Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Real Mom Decor

I loved B-Inspired Mama's post about #RealMomDecor. It's interesting to see how other families live. It makes me feel good sometimes to know that my house isn't the only one to have toys scattered everywhere. It is also nice to get organizational ideas that other Moms actually use and will actually work with kids!

Here is a link to the original post from B-Inspired Mama.

I've included a few pictures of my home, which is a little empty but we've only lived here about 2 1/2 months.

"Downstairs Playroom" - right next to the kitchen so I can keep an eye on Zel while cooking or cleaning. (This photo is featured in the original post)

"Living Room" - we have the TV wall mounted so that we can move it towards the table if we want to watch while eating (Yes, we sometimes watch TV at the dinner table)

"Playroom" - this is the real playroom with most of Zel's toys. It is upstairs and has two large closets that I use for rotating toy storage.

I would love to see what your houses look like whether they are clean or messy, designed or just making it work. You can post to your Facebook or the Z is for Zel Facebook page, twitter, etc, with the hashtag #RealMomDecor.

Can't wait to see!