Friday, April 5, 2013

Cloud Dough Fight!

I have seen a lot about cloud dough and finally got around to trying it with Zel. It was a sunny and fairly warm day so I decided to set everything up outside (thankfully!). I made the cloud dough (I used the recipe from Tinkerlab) and set out a tray with various cookie cutters and measuring spoons. I anticipated some fun imaginative play where we baked a birthday cake or something along those went very differently. Zel has been throwing everything a lot and I should have realized that he would throw the cloud dough too (Maybe that is why I subconsciously thought to do this activity outside). We filled one or two cookie cutters when I showed Zel that he could make it into a ball because that is what he loves to do with play dough. Two seconds after I handed it to him he launched it at me and giggled. I tried to tell him that we should keep in the container or on the tray, but it did seem pretty fun.

So I told him that we could throw it on the ground. We talked about how the cloud dough balls broke apart, or exploded, when they hit something hard. Zel loved this, but the urge to explode one on Mommy was too great. So I bent the rules and said that we could have a cloud dough fight as long as we don't hit each other in the face. Well, I am so glad I let loose because it was a lot of fun. I think Zel enjoyed it more because I was having so much fun with him.

He even loved the clean up! We got the hose out and rinsed of the back patio. I highly recommend trying this if you don't mind a little mess :)