Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Visit to the Bug Museum

Sorry it has been almost a week since I last posted. Zel has been sick and I am finishing up my spring quarter classes, so we have been pretty busy. Last week before Zel came down with this sickness, we discovered that our town had a little bug museum and it was free! It was small but how much space could bugs take up anyway?

  It was mostly dead bugs that were pinned and displayed in cases. They had some pretty scary looking ones as well as some really beautiful butterflies.

They also had a chalkboard in the back to draw your favorite bug.

There was a wall that was made into a giant series of interconnected ant farms. Zel liked looking closely to see what the ants were doing. 

  I think the most exciting part for Zel wasn't even a bug though. They had a large tortoise in a pen. Zel loves turtles so he really enjoyed this. We have an Eric Carle book called Around the Farm that plays a specific tune for the turtle since it doesn't make a noise, but Zel thinks that is what turtles say. So every time he sees a turtle he sings the cute!

 There was also a giant caterpillar statue with springy antennae that Zel thought were hilarious.

 Do you have any fun bug exhibits in your area?

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