Friday, October 19, 2012

Rainy Day Outing: Pet Store

When we lived in the Pacific Northwest, we were used to the rain and discovered many fun things to do out of the house. Now that we live in the Southeast, sometimes it is so hot in the summer or there are too many mosquitos that going outside isn't an option and I haven't come across as many fun, indoor places to bring young children. I've found that the pet store is a fun and free place to bring the kids.

I started using the pet store as an outing when I was a preschool teacher. I used to take my class on walks to our local Petco. There are tons of animals for the kids to see. The fish and the rodents are always a hit. The reptiles and amphibians can sometimes be harder for the little ones to see. Zel wore his Nemo shirt because he was so excited to see the fish. We like to play with the dog toys and even try out some of the dog beds and houses.


  1. We live in Southern Texas and trips to the pet store can be a real highlight! It IS fun to see the animals- :)

  2. You know it has been forever since I took the kids to a pet store!