Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Butterflies are a beautiful part of Spring. I mean, who doesn't love butterflies? My son calls them bees, but pretty much all bugs are bees to him. Butterflies and these rainy, spring days reminded me of this fun art project I used to do with the children at the preschool that I worked at. Our class was called the "Butterflies."

All you need for this project are:

  • Coffee filters
  • Markers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Spray Bottle with Water
  • Clothespins
  • Scissors (depending on the type of filters you have)

It is pretty simple. Let your child color all over the coffee filter with markers. The more color, the better.
If you have the chlorine free type of filter (like me) you should cut it on the diagonal edges so that it opens up and looks like two butterfly wings. If you have a regular coffee filter, then you don't have to cut anything!

Spray the coffee filter all over with water. Use clothespins to hang your filter somewhere that it can dry. After it has dried, choose a pipe cleaner. Fold it in half around the middle of the coffee filter. Then twist it at the top so that it stays on the filter but leave some length on the end for the antennae.

We hung our butterflies on the wall above Zel's play kitchen, but another great way to display them is to hang them from string in the window.


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