Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pick Up Sticks: Fun and Easy! + Kid's Co-op Link-Up

I love when a big project that I've planned makes a big hit with Zel and the blogging community. But I am always filled with joy when something unplanned and simple comes together for a fun learning experience. That is what happened here. I recently bought Zel's Daddy a little box of those sticks that you use to keep your collar straight (Daddy has to wear a suit to work). I was trying to pick out an outfit for an event that he and I were attending that night and Zel did not want me to try on any clothes. I spotted the little box of the sticks on the shelf and started shaking it to make some noise and sing a song. But a few words into the song, the lid popped off and all of the sticks fell on the floor. This was the most exciting thing that could have happened for Zel. He said "uh oh" and I handed him the box and asked him to help me clean them up. He sat on the floor putting the sticks back in and then dumping them out and starting all over again. This entertained him just long enough for me to take some pictures and find a great outfit for the event. When I was finished picking an outfit, I sat with him and counted the sticks as he put them in the box. The activity was simple and great for practicing Zel's fine motor skills. Remember that activities and projects don't have to be big and complex. Some of the funnest experiences are the simplest.

I have recently joined the Kid's Blogging Network and am now a host for the Kid's Co-op Link Up! You can find it at the bottom of this blog. Add your project or get some inspiration from others who have posted. Next week, I'll be posting some of my favorites and trying them out if I have time!