Saturday, May 12, 2012

Filter Flowers

I have recently become addicted to my new french press (and am still in love with my espresso machine), which leaves me with an abundance of unused coffee filters taking up space in my kitchen cabinet. So I have been thinking of more fun ways to use them up. I used the same idea from my coffee filter butterflies, but this time I made flowers instead. Zel only recently started using markers so they are very exciting for him. We colored the coffee filters but there was no need to cut them for this project. Zel has been talking a lot about colors lately so I used this activity as an opportunity to expand upon his interest in colors. On each coffee filter I drew shapes of the same color and tried to have him point out the ones he knew. He also liked talking about the colors of the marker caps. We then sprayed them all with water and hung them to dry. Once dry, I bunched three together and wrapped a green pipe cleaner around them and left some length at the end for the stem. I tried to put all six with one pipe cleaner but three seemed to be the most it would hold without filters falling our or having to use glue or staples or something else. Now we have lovely flowers in a vase and I don't have to worry about the cat trying to eat them!

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